My name is Evaliz, most people call me Eva. I carry a camera everywhere I go and I love a good cup of coffee. I am a fan of spontaneous traveling, even if it’s a day trip somewhere else. I enjoy binging on Netflix, visiting museums, sketching doodles, admiring architecture, updating my blog, and reading about history. I am a minimalist and always try to keep things simple, constantly editing myself to live with less in all areas of my life.

Although I was born in Puerto Rico, I grew up moving around all the time. I guess being a rolling stone has helped me to embrace every moment in life. I speak Spanish and a little bit of Mandarin. I have worked as a grocery bagger, bartender, office manager, and now I hold the title of mom, wife, and photographer.

“Photography might not be the answer but it’s worth a shot!”

When I began photography, it was with a regular-schmegular digital camera from a pawn shop. I would set up a makeshift studio in my closet with lamps from around the house and practice. I loved to edit in photoshop and try different concepts. After a while, I would work with other photographers and many of them encouraged me to keep creating. In my 8 years behind the camera I have worked with designers, beauty artists, stylists and talent agencies. Once I became a mother, I didn’t have much time to take photographs of other people and in turn fell in love with documenting my own journey of motherhood. As much as I love fashion and editorial styles of photography, I found something so profoundly beautiful in capturing the raw moments while I was in the middle of contractions, the tiny toes of my newborn, down to photographing the tantrums of toddlerhood. Photography became a way to express a world.

As a photographer I simply want to be the narrator of a story.