16 Hours In NYC

There is a ritual I try to do at least once a year: briefly escape to New York City. Life moves at a faster pace, where early birds and night owls roam. A busy city to disappear in and find inspiration everywhere. This year I hopped on the first train from Baltimore at 3am and left NYC right before midnight. Even with 16 hours to spare, I had to narrow down all of the possible things to do.


The Highline

Arriving in the city at dawn, I decided to start at the Highline to get a quiet morning walk before it got busy.




What is NY without brunch? I am lucky to have some amazing friends in my life, a few who call this metropolis home. Off to Brooklyn I went to visit my friend Nandi Kayyy. They welcomed me with some homemade shea lotion and I ate the best bacon and plantain grits I have EVER had.


The Cloisters


There’s a hidden beauty in Upper Manhattan. I would have never guessed that there is a Medieval Castle somewhere in Washington Heights nestled between the Hudson River, trails and trees. Oh, New York, always surprising me! An entire day could be spent here but we only had a few hours to stroll about through the Heavenly Bodies Exhibit where fashion and religious collections shared the space.

The Guggenheim


Being a fan of architecture and art, this has always been museum that I have always wanted to see. Designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, it can’t be missed as it contrasts against the old bricks. Standing out like a spaceship right across from Central Park. Luckily on Saturday afternoons, the admission is ‘Pay As You Wish’, and I did not think twice to take the opportunity to visit. Please be ready for the crazy long line & get there early. Start from the top and work your way down the atrium. During this visit, the works of Alberto Giametti were on display.


I am very interested in art but I am instinctively more interested in truth… the more I work, the more I see differently.

- Alberto Giacometti

Tourist Traps

On our way back to Brooklyn, we took the scenic route that was easier on our feet thanks to Vic who took us on a quick drive through Times Square. It never fails to make a stop in this part of town, even for a few minutes. Before the end of the drive, I was even able to check off seeing the Flat Iron Building.


all photos by Evaliz / ig: @evalizwashere

NOTES: I used a Sony a7 with a 20mm & 50mm for these shots. I brought the 20mm test out. Although it is a crop lens, I found that it takes very nice videos and can grab really good detail. The Flat Iron Building photo was taken with the 20mm, is cropped significantly from the original. I like viewing the world in wide angle and I find the 20mm a good lens to use for quick snapshots and video. For less than $400, I think it’s a good buy when wanting to travel light.