Café Con Eva #2

What album(s) do you come back to again?

  • Nas - Illmatic

  • Telepopmusik - Genetic World / Angel Milk

  • Kanye - 808&Heart Break / My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy / Graduation

  • Tron Legacy Movie Soundtrack

  • System of a Down - Toxicity

  • Muse - Origins of Symmetry / Showbiz

  • Drake - Thank Me Later

  • Gotan Project - Lunatico

  • John Legend - Evolver

  • Kaskade - Fire & Ice

  • Kendrick - good kid, m.A.A.d. city

    All of these have strong memories attached to them.


Where are you from?

Where am I from or where am I FROM from? haha! I have moved around my entire life. My entire family is from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. My father was in the Army so by the time I was 3, we had moved to the mainland. I have lived in so many different cities, states, even abroad. Sometimes that’s a tough question when people ask me in person because I wonder if I should go off on a 10 minute ramble of my life. I finished my senior year in Florida and worked there as a young adult learning about life so I usually just say I am from Jacksonville, Florida. I will always consider Puerto Rico my home.

At the Jardin Botanico in Caguas, PR with my 3 year old. September 2018

At the Jardin Botanico in Caguas, PR with my 3 year old. September 2018


did you know from the BEGINNING he was your match or was it questionable?

When I met my husband, I was definitely not looking for a relationship. Immediately I knew that we were going to be really great friends when we first met, it felt like we already knew each other, I felt so comfortable being my goofy self. I think the only questionable thing was deciding if it was the right move to get into a relationship but it just happened so naturally.


i want to get started in photography, what do you recommend?

I recommend picking up or following magazines and publications that inspire you. Use whatever you have at the moment, even if it’s just a phone. Phones these days have the capability to produce some amazing images. If you are able to buy a camera, start with a good body and a great lens with a low f-stop. Put your camera on manual mode and learn how to adjust the settings. Challenge yourself constantly. When you’re ready, start working on concepts and ideas. That way your photos have more meaning. Photography is something that you’ll always be learning new things from so you have to be open to change and experimenting if you want to be great. On every shoot I have, I always learn something new. Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism, and don’t believe that the amount likes you get on social media is reflective of your skill. If you want a great starter camera, that is full frame and won’t break your bank, I would go for a Sony a7 (which is what I have used for a couple years now and still love the camera) paired with a 50mm 1.8 lens or a 35mm which is super versatile.


What is the square root of life?

Life is a prime number, something irrational.

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